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Modular power supplies used in computed tomography cargo scanners

Posted by Martin on March 19, 2020
QM range

Computed Tomography (CT) was originally developed for medical applications but is now widely used to scan passenger luggage and air cargo. Unlike traditional 2D X-Ray systems, CT produces 3D images which can be rotated for a thorough examination by security staff.

Faced with complex power requirements, engineers working on new CT scanners asked their local TDK-Lambda sales contact for advice. High power outputs of 7.5V at 1000W, 48V at 1200W, 24V at 300W and two 5V low power outputs were needed. The suggestion of a combination of an HWS1000-7 supply and a 1500W four-output QM7 modular power supply was accepted and designed in. Both the HWS and QM series offer long warranties based on conservative component ratings, ideal for reliable, multi-year, round-the-clock operation in key airport locations.

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