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Digital Inkjet printers use 3kW 3-phase input power supplies

Posted by Martin on March 10, 2020

Digital inkjet techniques are expanding into very high-speed printing, approaching 1,000m2/hour. The liquid ink from the print head is vaporised into billions of droplets per second and placed on to the print media using high precision nozzles.

High-speed, high-resolution printing requires higher amounts of DC power.  One inkjet printer manufacturer, faced with the need to deliver kilowatts of 24V and 48Vdc to their machines, called TDK-Lambda. Rather than operate from 230Vac, which would draw large amounts of input current, the TPS3000 was chosen as it operates from a 400-480V 3-phase delta or Y input.

The short lead-time of the TPS3000 was welcomed by the customer, in addition to its compact size and electrical specification.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of power supplies for industrial and factory automation applications, click for more information.


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