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10kW and 15kW programmable power supplies used in fibre laser ATE systems

Posted by Martin on March 5, 2020

Fibre lasers are ideal for cutting, welding and drilling due to their ability to deliver light through a flexible medium. They are very reliable, can withstand vibration and high temperatures and deliver kilowatts of output power.

Testing fibre lasers requires a precise, stable, high power source. The new TDK-Lambda GENESYS+™ GSP series of programmable power supplies was chosen by engineers who required 0-100V outputs for their in-house ATE systems. Capable of delivering 10 and 15kW, the 2U and 3U high models operate off 3-phase 400Vac inputs. Remote programming of the outputs can be achieved via the standard LAN, USB and RS-232/485 interfaces.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of programmable AC-DC power supplies, click for more information