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Programmable power supplies chosen for electro-polishing systems

Posted by Martin on February 4, 2020

Electro-polishing is an alternative for using abrasives to deburr, polish and
improve the surface smoothness of metallic objects. The electrochemical
process removes material from the workpiece and reduces surface
roughness by levelling micro peaks and valleys. A controlled current is
passed through an electrolyte in a similar manner to electroplating, but in
the reverse direction.

The current is varied accordingly during the process. Engineers tasked with designing a new electro-polishing system asked TDK-Lambda for a programmable power supply that could provide up to 36V with a programmable 0 – 6A current rating. The Z+ model Z36-6 was selected due to its excellent specification, availability and its optional 19” rack assembly, which can hold up to 6 units.

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