What standard signals and controls are provided for CUS1500M medical power supplies?

Posted by Martin on January 7, 2020

TDK-Lambda’s CUS1500M 1500W rated AC-DC medical and industrial certified power supplies are equipped with many standard functions. These include an isolated 5V 1A standby voltage that is present even when the main output is inhibited. This allows processors in the end system to continue receiving power, avoiding the need to undergo a time-consuming system re-boot when the main output is activated.

An isolated, opto-coupled open collector DC Good and Fan Alarm signal can be used to warn the end system if the output has dropped below 80% of nominal – due to loss of AC or an output overcurrent or overvoltage condition. The signal will also change state if the power supply’s internal fan stops. Remote sense (factory configured to local sense) and an isolated opto-coupled remote on/off are also provided. The parallel function provides the ability to connect up to five units in parallel for additional power or for redundant operation.