Programmable power supplies now available on Quick Product Finder

Posted by Hannah on December 12, 2019

We have updated our Quick Product Finder online tool, making it even easier for you to identify the right power supplies for your application. In addition to the AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies already covered, the tool now features programmable power supplies including the popular GENESYS+™ range. In total, our Quick Product Finder gives you access to over 140 leading product ranges. What’s more, you can now easily compare the results using the new ‘units to compare’ feature, which enables the selected models to be viewed side by side for easy evaluation of their defining features.

The latest update has also enhanced the user experience. The selection page now features new product icons, making it easy to differentiate between various types of power supplies. The tool also remembers user preferences for display of results, enabling a quicker search with no need to re-select preferences each time. Additionally, page loads are now much quicker at the essential configuration stage.  

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