Modular power supplies – the pedigree continues

Posted by Martin on December 10, 2019
Posted in: Power Supply Basics

In 1979 TDK-Lambda invented the ML series of modular power supplies, a first for the industry. This 40-year legacy continues with the launch of the QM series, the sixth in a generation of innovative products. The six models (QM4, QM5, QM5H, QM7, QM8B and QM8) within the range cover power outputs from 550W-1200W low line and 650W-2000W high line.

Modular power supplies address a need not serviced by traditional multiple output models with non-adjustable voltages and offer several advantages:

Short lead times, no development costs, no minimum order quantities and no set-up fees

Our modular power supplies are constructed using assemblies that are either in stock or capable of being built immediately upon demand.

The safety certification files cover all the module configurations and the power supplies are certified automatically to both industrial and medical safety standards. Another first for the modular industry is full MoPPs isolation, making it suitable for medical B and BF rated equipment.

TDK-Lambda’s manufacturing production lines are structured to be flexible enough to build any volume, from single pieces to several hundred. Product bills of material and test programs are generated electronically with no manual intervention required.

Non-standard voltage outputs and configurations

Industrial power requirements often need a high power 24V and lower power secondary outputs. As well as commonly available voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V and 24V, customers wanting a specific combination of special voltages can be accommodated.

On the QM series, each output module voltage is adjustable, allowing a near seamless offering from 2.8V to 52.8V. Each will be factory set to the desired level. Options include an AC Fail signal, standby voltage, and power supply remote on/off,

Replacing several single output power supplies

Several power supplies can be replaced by a single modular supply containing multiple, independently regulated outputs that are fully isolated from each other. No minimum load is required, unlike some multiple output products. Up to 18 outputs can be delivered from one modular power supply. The outputs can even be sequenced on or off using the built-in remote on/off functions.

System assembly time is reduced with just one unit to install and one AC feed required. In addition, one modular power supply will meet the EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) standards, whereas multiple individual power supplies will probably require an additional AC line filter. Furthermore the system leakage current will be significantly higher when using several single output power supplies.

Quiet cooling

The latest generation QM series features a low acoustic noise for an enhanced patient/user experience of just 44.3 dB(A) at room temperature. With efficiencies of up to 91%, less internal heat is produced, allowing the use of low speed cooling fan(s). Reliability is improved as a lower speed airflow reduces the ingress of dirt and contaminants.

Easy to configure

TDK-Lambda has a simple to use online configurator available at Enter the desired voltage and current for each output, select any of the available options and a short 7-digit product code will allocated for ordering or quoting.

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