What are the levels of leakage current and EMI for CUS1500M medical power supplies?

Posted by Martin on December 5, 2019

TDK-Lambda’s CUS1500M 1500W rated single output power supplies have been certified to both the 60601-1 medical and industrial 62368-1 / 60950-1 standards. This video reviews its performance on two key specifications – leakage current and EMI (electromagnetic interference).

Earth leakage current is the amount of current that flows out of the power supply via the earth ground connection. Medical equipment has tighter restrictions than industrial, just 500µA for the whole system. The CUS1500M leakage current is less than 200µA at 265Vac input, 50Hz, giving the designer sufficient margin for additional parts that may produce leakage current.

The EMI performance of the CUS1500M is Class B, with a 5dB margin, for both radiated and conducted emissions, rather than the less stringent Class A. This makes it easier for designers to obtain EMI certification on their system, and avoids the need for additional filtering and screening.