How do the size and weight of the Genesys+™ compare to its predecessor?

Genesys+ GSP
Posted by Dulcie on January 9, 2019

The 5kW Genesys+™ 1U high (44mm) programmable power supply is half the height of the previous generation 5kW Genesys™ 2U (88mm) models, freeing up valuable enclosure space. This is due in part to increased efficiencies of 91% versus 88%, which reduces waste heat. When supplying a 5kW output only 495W is lost compared to 682W, a 27% reduction, allowing the heat sinks, components and fans to be smaller. The use of a modular construction and component miniaturisation has also helped.

With the reduction in size, comes a reduction in weight. The 5kW Genesys+™ is less than 7.5kg, compared to 13kg for the 5kW Genesys™.

Although there are no formal maximum weight lifting restrictions in the workplace, guidelines are in place for no more than 25kg for a person lifting a load at around waist height.

As the Genesys+™ can be easily paralleled, TDK-Lambda offers a “Genesys+™ Scalable Power” (GSP) option where three units can be provided in a pre-configured 3U high rack assembly, saving engineers time and money. As each unit weighs less than 7.5kg, the total weight of the 3U rack is less than 22.5kg, below the recommended single person lifting amount.