Introducing the QS series of 600-1200W medical and industrial power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on August 1, 2018
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Operating from a universal AC input of 90-364V, the QS series of 600-1200W power supplies meets a wide range of applications, including industrial, medical, test & measurement, broadcast, communications and renewable.

The single output units integrate a temperature controlled fan, which keeps the audible noise low – this provides an enhanced patient/user experience, in the healthcare or professional broadcast industry for example, and increased reliability as less dirt and contaminants are drawn into the power supply.

The entire range has full medical isolation (1 x MoPP input to ground, 2 x MoPP input to output and 1 x MoPP output to ground) and either dual or single fusing available as options. A selection of standby and control options are available, including a PMBus™. The range is supported by a 7 year warranty and covers output voltage from 12V up to 52.8V.

To watch the QS Series video – which highlights the key features of the range, please follow this link.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of power supplies for medical applications including MRI, X-ray, CT and PET scanners, blood analysers, DNA equipment, patient monitors, ultrasound, robotic surgical devices, heart-lung machines, diagnostic equipment, automated pharmaceutical dispensers and dental equipment. For more information, please visit the Healthcare and Medical page.