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DIN rail power supplies chosen for wind turbine lift systems

DRB Group
Posted by Dulcie on July 20, 2018

Wind turbines are an economic source of renewable energy for countries that have windy climates. Now located both on-shore and off-shore, towers can reach in excess of 200m in height. Although blades can be viewed from the base of the tower, periodic maintenance and close inspection needs to be carried out at the top. Internal lift systems save time and provide safe access to technicians.

One wind turbine lift system company was concerned about the regulation of the AC power for their lift control panel. TDK-Lambda offered the 24V 30W DIN rail mountable DRB30-24-1 as it can withstand surge voltages of up to 300Vac for five seconds. With a small case size of just 21 x 75 x 90mm, less space was required in the enclosure and its rugged polycarbonate case reduces the weight to 95g.

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