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Rack mount industrial power supplies used in continuous inkjet printers

Posted by Dulcie on July 18, 2018

Continuous ink system printers are used by many print shops to provide their high volume customers with a range of products and services from fliers to catalogues. Inkjet technology is often used, allowing a broad spectrum of colours and image quality. Print speeds of over 250 metres a minute are not uncommon.

As these large systems require significant power levels, TDK-Lambda offered the equipment manufacturer plug-in HFE series of power supplies. Four HFE2500 48V paralleled units provide up to 10kW and 24V version provides 2500W. Uniquely, to save space, the power supplies are mounted vertically in a 3U high rack. An additional benefit to the customer was that HFE was developed primarily as an industrial series, rather than similar datacom products that tend to have shorter production life cycles.

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