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Seven-year warranty power supplies chosen for long-life biological safety cabinets

Posted by Dulcie on July 4, 2018

Biological safety cabinets (BSC) protect both the operator and surrounding areas from the effects of pathogens that are under observation. Samples are also isolated from contamination by the exterior environment. This is achieved through the use of airflow compensation within the cabinet, using long life DC fans and controllers to save energy and improve air filter life.

Requiring a 300W AC-DC power supply, a leading manufacturer of biological safety cabinets chose TDK-Lambda’s RWS300B-24. Developed to offer solid performance at an economical price, the compact power supply has conservatively rated components and a seven-year warranty. As the biological cabinets are promoted by the manufacturer as having a long operating life, the RWS-B was selected over similar low cost shorter lifetime competitor products.

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