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Biological culture incubators powered by long-life power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on June 27, 2018

Incubators are used to store or grow microbiological cultures for study or analysis. They can control temperature, humidity and the chemical content of the inside atmosphere. Their use can range from single culture to high volume analysis. Incubators for professional use are designed for reliability as a failure could affect thousands of samples and significantly impact time schedules to obtain results.

TDK-Lambda’s RWS50B-24 is now being used in a new range of incubators designed for laboratory use. With a seven-year warranty, the RWS-B series was developed with low electrolytic capacitor temperature rises, enabling the power supplies to operate in the field for extended periods of time. Local support was on-hand to demonstrate the product’s low cost of ownership and the RWS-B was picked over other low cost competitor products.

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