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Advanced therapy machines benefit from compact multiple output modular power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on May 30, 2018

Multi-function medical imaging equipment is now being used in advanced therapy treatment allowing digital scans from ultrasound, CT and X-Ray procedures to be easily combined. This minimises the need to transfer patients from one machine to another, simplifying appointment scheduling and reducing the amount of time for results to be obtained.

One medical equipment manufacturer enhanced its advanced therapy machine by replacing an existing power supply with a model from TDK-Lambda’s modular QM7 series. The QM series provides up to 1500W, has very low audible noise and full MoPP protection. The chosen configuration supplies 600W at 24V, 600W at 48V and 300W at 24V via three independent, isolated and regulated outputs. In addition, the QM series is backed by a seven-year warranty.

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