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Dental drills use five-year warranty, open frame convection-cooled power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on May 23, 2018

Dental drills now use brushless micro-motors fed by a DC voltage. This allows the use of a variable control that can be easy adjusted to alter the speed of the drill, depending upon the procedure. Here, low noise operation is highly desirable for both doctor and patient.

Higher voltage motors are preferred as they draw less current and gives greater handset cable flexibility. The 48V output CUS150M is providing DC power to a new range of dental drills as it can deliver 120W without the need for forced air cooling. This eliminates any audible noise associated with a cooling fan.

The five-year warranty of the CUS150M matched the manufacturer’s product guarantee, reducing its cost of ownership. Fast response and local technical support were also appreciated by the manufacturer.

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