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Programmable power supplies used to simulate solar panels for testing satellites

Posted by Dulcie on May 11, 2018
Z+ Series

Satellites have to undergo extensive testing before launch to ensure they operate for many years in orbit. Once deployed, they rely on solar panels to supply power and to charge batteries that are needed when the satellite passes into the earth’s shadow.

During testing, solar array simulator AC-DC power supplies are used as the very large solar array panels are designed for zero gravity, and cannot receive sunlight inside the facility. In order to do this effectively, the manufacturer of the satellites selected 160V 800W Z+ programmable power supplies to simulate solar cells and power satellites during testing.

The Z+ LAN option was included to allow the output voltage and current to be controlled remotely. Software for the Z+ is freely available to easily program I/V curves to suit the satellite under test. Local product support helped the customer set up the power supplies for use.

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