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Touchscreen kiosks use power supplies capable of operating in 80°C ambient temperatures

Posted by Dulcie on April 25, 2018

Self-serve kiosks can now be found in many restaurants, retail outlets, hotel lobbies and even local health centres and libraries. They offer the customer the ability to by-pass queues and the operator to offer additional services and upgrades through the use of colourful, high resolution displays.

A manufacturer of touchscreen kiosks wanted a power supply company that could operate and provide local support globally, as their customers have franchises located around the world. Through an existing relationship, TDK-Lambda was able to provide local technical sales assistance and demonstrate the technical advantages of the CUS150M and CUS200M series of power supplies. The conduction cooled CUS150M-24/U for example, can deliver 100W in ambient temperatures of 70°C and 50W at 80°C – ideal for use in outdoor kiosks subjected to direct sunlight in hot climates.

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