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Programmable supplies deliver in excess of 50kW power for RF amplifiers

Posted by Dulcie on April 18, 2018
Genesys™ Programmable Power Supply

Microwave radar frequency technology is now being used to profile atmospheric winds. By observing horizontal and vertical wind velocity and direction up to altitudes of 15km, accurate information can be provided to a variety of users including commercial and military aircraft, airports and even parachutists and balloonists. Scientific research can also benefit by being able to track pollution and forecast weather.

For one large scale installation, 32 paralleled RF amplifiers were needed to fully profile an area. The designers, having a relationship with TDK-Lambda, requested a product that could deliver in excess of 50kW with an output voltage of up to 300V. The Genesys™ 3U high, rack mounted 15kW 0-300V programmable power supply was suggested, with a total of 4 in parallel to give the desired output power.

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