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1500W power supplies provide 12Vdc to keep vehicle refrigeration unit running

Posted by Dulcie on March 30, 2018

Supermarket delivery vans are now commonplace in towns and cities. To keep frozen or chilled products cool, internal refrigeration units are required. Normally they are driven directly from the engine, but for vehicles that can be stationary for long periods of time, like at a venue, an AC generator is used for power. This requires an AC-DC power supply to provide 12V to the refrigeration unit.

Requiring a 12V 1500W AC-DC power supply, a manufacturer of vehicle refrigeration units picked the TDK-Lambda RWS1500B-12. The availability of in-stock inventory was cited as the primary reason for selection. The cost effective RWS-B series also has a 7-year product warranty and a compact 127 x 63 x 261mm size.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of 1000W+ AC-DC power supplies for industrial and general purpose applications, click for more information.