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Bespoke power solution produced for optical 3D measuring machines

Posted by Dulcie on March 14, 2018

Mechanical measuring machines are suitable where a pre-determined set of points is defined. New optical 3D scanners are now available that can rapidly measure millions of dimensions in just a few seconds. This data can be used with 3D modelling to efficiently provide effective quality control.

Requiring three independent outputs – 48V at 1000W, 12V at 100W and 5 to 30V at 100W – housed in a custom enclosure, designers of a new 3D measuring machine approached TDK-Lambda for a suitable product. The Power+ Solutions team proposed an RWS1000B, a ZMS100 and a non-isolated i3A DC-DC converter into the desired enclosure along with input and output connectors. This was deemed to be the best solution and with local technical support, pre-production units were quickly delivered.

TDK-Lambda offers Power+ Solutions for modified and custom products.

For more information about the individual products used in this application, please follow the links to the product pages…RWS-B series (, ZMS series ( and i3a series (