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41mm high 2500W power supply used in ultra-short pulse laser systems

Posted by Dulcie on February 23, 2018

A wide range of materials are now cut and machined using industrial lasers, including metal, wood, plastics, fabrics and ceramics. Where no material change is required, ultra-short pulse lasers are used which can operate with pulse periods in the 10 picoseconds to 100 femtoseconds range.

TDK-Lambda’s technical team suggested the RFE2500-48 power supply to a leading industrial laser manufacturer, who needed 2500W at 48V. With a height of just 41mm, this compact product easily fitted into their enclosure. The RFE2500 is also fully featured with AC Fail and DC Good signals, remote on/off and an auxiliary output, with the ability to program the over-current limit using an external voltage.

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