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High resolution electron imaging system utilises 0 to 320V programmable power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on February 9, 2018

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) imaging systems, using lower beam currents, are proving to be a better technology than traditional scanning electron microscopes. Without chemical etching and no signal alteration from fluorescent probes, results can be correlated with images obtained through the use of fluorescence microscopes for protein labelling.

The Z+ programmable power supply series was selected for a second high resolution electron imaging program. Two 400W 0-320V, 0-1.3A power supplies are now being used to precisely control the output voltage and current needed for controlling the ion beam. Previous use of and the reliability of the Z+ series made the manufacturer comfortable in their choice of product.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of programmable power supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications.