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Programmable power supplies used to charge large oil rig battery back-up systems

Posted by Dulcie on January 26, 2018

GenesysTM 3U
For safety reasons, oil rigs are required to have their signal lighting backed up by an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). As offshore rigs are particularly susceptible to lightning strikes due to their remote location, the loss of AC power, and hence lighting, could pose a danger to both the rig and the safety of nearby aircraft and shipping.

TDK-Lambda was asked to produce a solution for a 600V rated programmable power supply that could deliver up to 60kW to charge high voltage battery banks by a designer of UPSs. The 15kW 3U high Genesys™ series was proposed with four 600V 25A models connected in parallel. By being able to precisely program the output voltage and current for the correct charge current and float voltage, ensures enhanced battery lifetimes.

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