Can I replace an isolated 1/16th brick DC-DC converter with an i6A non-isolated converter?

Posted by Dulcie on January 24, 2018

The i6A non-isolated DC-DC converter has the same 1/16th brick footprint as the isolated device in the same format, and is therefore a drop-in replacement. This video explains when a non-isolated device can be used.

Although the i6A is non-isolated, for a system operating from the AC mains, the AC-DC power supply already supplies the primary to secondary isolation with safety certification to the IEC standards. Using an isolated DC-DC converter therefore offers no benefit in most applications – the simple topology and up to 98 percent operating efficiency of the non-isolated i6A, saves cost and reduces waste heat.

To watch a video to find out how the non-isolated i6A series can easily replace an isolated device, please follow this link.

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