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High quality programmable power supplies chosen to test Battery Management Systems

Posted by Dulcie on January 3, 2018
genesys 1U

Battery Management Systems (BMS) are essential for automotive applications to ensure that critical functions, including charge and discharge control, cell monitoring and battery safety are performed correctly. Testing of the BMS is essential to optimise control algorithms and to ensure long-term reliability.

During the development of automated test equipment for automotive BMS, engineers contacted TDK-Lambda for advice on which power supplies would be best suited. Two Genesys™ programmable power supplies were suggested; a 750W half rack to deliver up to 60V and a full rack 2U high 3,200W model to provide up to 8V at 400A. The higher power unit was configured with a 3-phase input to balance the input current. Technical support, quality and a 5-year warranty were favoured by the customer.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of Programmable Power Supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications.