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High efficiency 500W power supply uses system airflow in smart grid battery chargers

Posted by Dulcie on December 27, 2017
GWS series 500W Power Supplies

Battery systems have been used in conjunction with solar panels to store energy for night use or during cloudy intervals for a number of years. This has now been extended to allow residential users to take advantage of low tariff off-peak electricity. The battery is charged during the cheap rate and used to generate electricity at peak tariff periods, saving the user money.

System fans were already being used to cool other circuitry inside of a new smart grid battery charger, and TDK-Lambda’s sales team was asked if the 36V output GWS 500W power supply could be supplied without the internal fan. The answer was yes and the 90+% efficient U-channel construction GWS500-36/L model was offered as a solution. This resulted in cost savings, less energy use and quieter operation.

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