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Highly efficient DIN rail power supplies offer space savings for packaging machinery

Posted by Dulcie on December 8, 2017

To meet today’s 24-hour order-to-delivery consumer demand, distribution centres, warehousing and logistic companies are relying heavily on automation. This minimises labour costs and reduces the period of time from receiving a shipping order to having it ready for transportation, particularly during peak holiday activity.

This also applies to food, chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing facilities, where pallets rather than smaller boxes are usually shipped. To secure multiple individual boxes on pallets, plastic wrapping is now widely used. One packaging company selected TDK-Lambda’s DRL DIN rail mount power supplies for a new series of automated wrapping machines. The size of the DRL was a key factor in minimising the size of the electronic control enclosure. As the highly efficient power supplies dissipate minimal heat, the case size can be reduced without compromising reliability.

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