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Wide temperature range AC-DC modules power weather monitoring equipment

Posted by Dulcie on December 6, 2017
PFE series AC-DC power module

Equipment used for monitoring weather and climate conditions is now being used to assess profitability of potential wind power sites. By using lasers, very accurate measurements can be made and stored data can be later used to characterise wind farm performance to minimise the financial risk with large-scale installations.

As their equipment is situated remotely, often in harsh environments, a manufacturer of atmospheric monitoring equipment required a compact, reliable, power supply that did not require fan cooling. Working with TDK-Lambda’s Power+ Solutions team, a 28V output custom power supply system was developed using TDK-Lambda’s conduction cooled PFE500 AC-DC power modules. As the PFE series is a standard of-the-shelf product proven to work in wide temperature extremes, development risk is mitigated when compared to traditional discrete designs.

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