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Automotive Hardware in the Loop simulators utilise programmable power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on November 22, 2017

HiL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) simulators are used early on in the development process for a number of automotive products, including powertrain systems and electronic control modules. As time to market is affected by the length of the product development, fast yet thorough and accurate testing is needed.

A leading manufacturer of turnkey test systems is using TDK-Lambda’s Z+ programmable power supplies in a new set of HiL simulators. A combination of 200W and 600W products are mounted in the 2U high 19” rack system to provide variable 20V and 60V. The use of programmable outputs allows the system to be configured quickly to test a number of different products. Knowledgeable on-site support provided by TDK-Lambda was appreciated by the customer.

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