How to operate the GENESYS+™ programmable power supplies in parallel

Posted by Dulcie on October 20, 2017

With the introduction of the GENESYS+™ programmable power supplies, parallel operation is easier and quicker compared to the first generation units with the inclusion of the smart parallel function as standard.

Previously, additional connections to the rear panel J1 connector and settings on the SW1 DIP switch were needed to allow them to operate in a master-slave configuration. The load current had to be programmed on the master unit by dividing the required current by the number of units being paralleled. The over voltage protection (OVP) of the slaves had to be set higher than the master, to avoid false triggering. The front panel buttons were then used to program the number of units being connected in parallel and identify which power supply was the master and which were the slaves.

On the GENESYS+™ series of programmable power supplies, on the other hand, simply plug the shielded 110mm long cable, which comes with each unit, into the rear panel. The power supplies then detect the parallel connection and set their parameters automatically. The display of the master then provides the total current of all the paralleled units.

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