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Dual output, rack mount power supplies save space for a wafer stepper manufacturer

Posted by Dulcie on October 11, 2017
HFE Front End Power supply

The word “stepper” is a shortened version of term “step-and-repeat camera”. Used in semiconductor wafer fabrication for ICs, the stepper projects an image on to a silicon wafer covered with photoresist. After this process, the wafers are washed with chemicals, cleaned, photoresist reapplied and the step repeated multiple times.

Designers of a new range of steppers required 1600W of 24V and 48V bulk power but wanted a 1U high rack with plug in power supplies for easy maintenance. TDK-Lambda’s technical support team recommended the 1600W rated HFE power supplies and the HFE1600-D1U dual output rack. Unlike most 1U single output racks, this rack model can provide two different voltages using split busbars, saving space in the equipment.

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