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2400W programmable power supply for automotive electric motor testing

Posted by Dulcie on September 13, 2017
genesys 1U

The DC battery voltage in a vehicle can vary over a wide range, normally 9 to 16V, but under cold start conditions it can go as low as 3V. Electrical and electronics assemblies used in automotive applications have to be thoroughly tested to ensure they will operate reliably and safely.

When building a rack to test DC motors for a car component manufacturer, a designer of test equipment contacted a TDK-Lambda sales partner for power supply suggestions. They recommended the highly reliable 1U high Genesys™ GEN-20-120-1P230 programmable power supply. The model chosen is able to provide up to 2,400W with a wide programming range of 0 to 20V and operate from a single phase 230Vac input.

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