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Programmable power supplies run electroluminescent lamps to test solar panels

Posted by Dulcie on August 25, 2017
genesys 1U

Solar panels are tested to identify defects and measure their output capability, which can deteriorate with age. Electroluminescent lamps (EL) are used to simulate sunlight and the level of light can be controlled by the amount of current passed through them.

Desiring a method of controlling the amount of current passed through an electroluminescent lamp, a long-time customer approached TDK-Lambda regarding the Genesys™ programmable power supply series for a new range of solar panel testers. As Genesys™ can operate in either constant current or constant voltage mode, a 1U high 0 – 30V, 0 – 25A model was suggested. The output current can be set using the front panel controls, or for production testing requiring multiple current levels, by using the RS-232/RS-485 interface. TDK-Lambda also kept product in a buffer stock to enable rapid delivery for the customer.

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