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Emergency lighting battery charger system uses high-efficiency 480W DIN rail power supply

Posted by Dulcie on June 16, 2017
DRB DIN Rail Power Supply

The heart of any large scale emergency lighting system is the battery management and charging rack. Without reliable power back-up, lives can be endangered and property damaged. Maintenance and trouble free operation is very highly desired.

The TDK-Lambda 480W rated DRB480-24-1 DIN rail power supply is now being fitted in a new range of central battery enclosures. With conservatively rated components, this ErP compliant product is designed for long field life. Internal waste heat is reduced as the power supply has an efficiency of 92%, and a 7-year electrolytic capacitor life is expected.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of standard Industrial Power Supplies for industrial applications, including DIN rail.