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Haemoglobin analyser benefits from no minimum load power supply

Posted by Dulcie on May 26, 2017
NV-Power Configurable Power Supply

Haemoglobin carries oxygen and a number of other gases in the blood from the lungs to around the body. Any deficiency can indicate a potential organ disease, including kidneys and liver. The use of blood sampling can detect this through gas analysis.

Analysers require a combination of multiple voltages, including a high power 24V output to drive motors for handling samples and perform any heating or cooling. 5V outputs are also needed to drive on-board electronics for analysis of the results. TDK-Lambda’s 175W triple output NV175 was chosen for a new gas analyser as it can provide a high power 24V output and two +5V outputs, without the need for a minimum load on the main output.

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