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Programmable outputs on modular power supplies simplify automotive testing

Posted by Dulcie on May 24, 2017
Vega AC-DC Power Supply

As the amount of technology increases in vehicles, so does the requirement for equipment capable of performing rapid testing. Driver assistance systems, eventually leading to automated driving, will lead to more test complexity.

The designers of one electronic automotive test system turned to TDK-Lambda, requiring a fixed 24V at 10A, but in addition, four 60W programmable outputs capable of being remotely adjusted from 0.25 – 32V. Rather than suggesting a more expensive programmable power solution, the local support engineers suggested TDK-Lambda’s modular 450W Vega power supply. A standard 240W module and four of the standard wide-range programmable modules were used, giving the customer a standard solution with quick delivery and no engineering charges.

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