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Blood clot analyser benefits from no minimum load power supply

Posted by Dulcie on May 10, 2017
NV Power

Blood clotting, or haemostasis, is an essential part of wound or post-surgery healing. Rapid analysis of the process of coagulation can be essential to determine if medication needs to be adjusted to help a patient recover quickly. The use of fully automatic equipment is highly desired by laboratories to save both time and cost.

For many analysers, the DC power demand changes significantly during the process. High current 24V is used to drive the motors associated with handling the samples and perform any heating or cooling. Traditional 5V and 12-15V is also needed to drive on-board processors to analyse the results. The designers of one new analyser picked TDK-Lambda’s NVA-300 configurable power supply as it can be delivered with a high power 24V output, yet requires no minimum loading for the lower power auxiliary outputs. The optional IEC320 inlet connector was selected to simplify input wiring.

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