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Compact power supplies reduce plasma mass spectrometry equipment size

Posted by Dulcie on May 3, 2017

Benchtop space in laboratories is always in short supply as more and more sophisticated instruments are required to perform complex testing. Mass spectrometry equipment used in plasma processing is no different, using Argon gas, plasma torches and ion focusing mirrors, yet operators desire the minimum footprint space possible.

LA3955 - CUS350M - small

Three of TDK-Lambda’s power supplies were needed for one mass spectrometer to deliver 5V, +/-15V, 24V and 48V, with a potential output power of over 700W. As audible noise had to be low, convection cooled power supplies were necessary. For the lowest space a CUS350M, ZWS300BAF and triple output CUT75 were selected and located close to the devices that required power. As a further benefit, no minimum loads are required.

ZWS-BAF - PCB-type AC-DC Power Supplies

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