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200W supplies power 3D vision systems for robots

Posted by Dulcie on April 21, 2017
LA3957 - CUS200M

Originally, 3D measurement systems for robots were expensive as two or three cameras were needed. Now a lower cost single camera can be used to define the location and orientation of an object. This allows robotic arms to quickly process the information for faster part pick-and-place, from shipping racks to the production line.

TDK-Lambda’s 24V open frame CUS200M power supply has been chosen to power a new series of 3D robotic camera systems. With operating efficiencies of 94%, these supplies produce less waste heat allowing easier installation. The compact, convection cooled 3” x 5” products also do not require external airflow to operate reliably.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of standard Industrial Power Supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications.