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Testing circuit breakers with programmable power supplies

Posted by Dulcie on March 31, 2017

Circuit breakers provide an essential function in electrical equipment, protecting the human operators, reducing the risk of fire and ensuring maximum equipment up-time. They perform a variety of functions including earth leakage protection and the ability to determine if a particular current surge is a fault or non-fault condition.


Testing breakers correctly is an essential part of product reliability. A leading manufacturer of electrical breakers is using TDK-Lambda’s Genesys™ programmable power supplies to perform that function. In all, eight 1U high, 750W and 1500W rated units with 6V and 20V outputs are used in the test rig. Four are equipped with the LAN option to allow remote monitoring and automated programming for optimised production times.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of Programmable Power Supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications. For more information about Genesys™ power supplies, please visit: