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Programmable Power Supplies for Testing Graphite Materials

Posted by Dulcie on January 11, 2017
GenesysTM 3U

High density graphite has a large number of applications due to its material properties, and is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 2,800 degC. Furnaces are used to process the raw product and combine it with other materials for enhanced wear resistance, reduced porosity or higher insulation properties. Testing then has to be performed to ensure the end material meets specification.

One furnace manufacturer, who is already using TDK-Lambda products, chose the versatile 10kW programmable Genesys™ power supply for a next generation material testing product. Capable of delivering voltages of up to 1500V and currents of up to 1000A, the 3U high series can be programmed using a number of standard interfaces.

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