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Baseplate Cooled Power Supplies for Portable Communications Systems

Posted by Dulcie on January 6, 2017
CPFE Baseplate-cooled AC-DC Power Supply

Portable communication systems – particularly those used in defence and security applications – have to be highly reliable in while operating in harsh environments. Traditional cooling fans are susceptible to shock and vibration, which can lead to premature bearing failures. Cooling through a cold-plate, however, allows waste heat to be dissipated to the outside of an air-tight enclosure.

Looking for a power supply that already had been qualified to MIL-STD shock and vibration, a leading manufacturer of portable communications systems partnered with TDK-Lambda and a local distributor. Utilising TDK-Lambda’s CPFE500F baseplate cooled power supply, a high quality value-added power solution was quickly developed.

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