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Drying Ovens and Climate Chambers

Posted by Dulcie on October 22, 2015
RWS_B PR (inc 50W) Jul14

In scientific research, climate chambers are used to perform a wide variety of tasks; ranging from testing materials, running experiments to age parts or drying electronic components to remove humidity. Often multiple ovens are located on one AC line in a production-style environment, leading to nuisance tripping of ground fault protection circuits (and loss of power) due to the additive leakage current of each machine.

One manufacturer who offers high quality, robust, chambers chose the TDK-Lambda RWS600B-24 not just for its five-year warranty and ten-year capacitor life, but because the series has very low earth ground current. With just 280µA leakage current at 230VAC input, multiple machines can be operated on the same AC feed without the concern of losing power to all the chambers. Lower cost power supplies often have high leakage current levels to save material costs on input filtering circuitry.