Genesys™ series benefits from tighter specifications

Posted by Dulcie on March 2, 2015

Having product performance significantly better than the published specification seems like a very good idea, as it demonstrates the conservative ratings of the product.

A drawback of doing this is when the customer likes, and needs, that better product perfor-mance, but the published specification does not reflect it. Will all the units perform that well? Yes, one could hope that they will, or a request could be made that the manufacturer guaran-tees the actual measured limits.

A product review was recently held on TDK-Lambda’s Genesys™ 750W to 5kW series of programmable power supplies . After analysis of the circuit and components, backed by historical test data, it was decided to publish a more stringent specification.

Temperature co-efficient and stability, programming, read back and display accuracy along with programming resolution specifications were all tightened. The stated accuracy of the voltage display, for example, is improved by a factor of 10.

Customers can now fully utilise the superior performance of the Genesys™ programmable power supplies , knowing that it is backed by a published specification.