700W model added to PFE-SA series of AC-DC Power Modules

Posted by Dulcie on September 3, 2014
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• Up to 91% efficiency
• Operation up to 100ºC baseplate
• 5-Year Warranty

TDK Corporation introduces a 700W model to the TDK-Lambda PFE-SA series of AC-DC full-brick power modules. A significant upgrade to the popular PFE700S launched 5 years ago, the PFE700SA comes with a 3% efficiency improvement, providing a convenient AC-DC board mounted solution for applications such as industrial, MIL-COTS, broadcast, datacom and telecom, test & measurement, LED displays and signage. Being a baseplate-cooled product, the PFE700SA is particularly well-suited for building into outdoor applications, as well as equipment requiring water-cooling, hermetic sealing, fanless operation and compact design.

Available in a 51V semi-regulated output, the PFE700SA can deliver full power with a baseplate temperature of between -40 and +100°C. Line and load regulation is 50 to 57V and typical efficiency for the PFE700SA is up to 91%.

As with all models in the PFE-SA series, which includes the 300W PFE300SA and 500W PFE500SA, the PFE700SA accepts a wide, universal AC input from 85V to 265V at 47-63Hz and features active power factor correction and an input to output isolation of 3kV for one minute. The inverter operation good functions provide great flexibility in the diagnostics of the power system. In addition, over voltage, over current and over temperature protections are included.

For more information about the TDK-Lambda PFE700SA, along with other models in the PFE-SA series, please call TDK-Lambda directly on +44 (0)1271 856600 or visit the TDK-Lambda website at: