Carbon footprint project earns AS-Level pupils Engineering Education Scheme accolade

Posted by Dulcie on July 31, 2014
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• Blundell’s School project team worked with local power supply manufacturer

TDK Corporation is pleased to announce a team of AS-Level pupils at Blundell’s School working with TDK-Lambda UK has not only qualified for their Engineering Education Scheme (EES) certificates but also for the GOLD Crest Award, which is widely recognised and respected by UCAS for university admissions in STEM subjects.

Run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT), the EES scheme links teams of A-Level students with local companies to work on STEM-related projects. Following on from last year’s Wind Tunnel project, the project this year was to establish a method for measuring the carbon footprint of TDK-Lambda UK’s production facility in Ilfracombe.

Blundells Certificate

The Blundell's team worked alongside Product Performance Manager, Adrian Irwin (pictured right) who offered advice and assistance to the pupils whenever needed.

The 4 person team from Blundell’s worked alongside Product Performance Manager, Adrian Irwin who offered advice and assistance to the pupils whenever needed: “The project team went way beyond their remit, which was to provide a measurement and display method of calculating our facility’s carbon footprint. The team provided some good ideas for improvement activities that we may take further.”

Early on in the project, the team worked closely with Tim Puttick, Environment Manager: “The main take-home from the project was to establish and work as a successful team. The knowledge they gained about CO2 emissions, how they are calculated and what the figures represent is invaluable.”

Puttick adds: “The team was very inquisitive – they did think about where to go next with the results. It wasn’t just a case of submitting their findings, they did very well to take the data that we had and convert it into meaningful information.”

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