11 candidates gain ILM Award; 6 also attain ILM Certificate

Posted by Dulcie on February 26, 2014
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• Institute of Leadership & Management Award and Certificate

25 February, 2014
Ref: LA2000

TDK Corporation is pleased to announce that 11 TDK-Lambda UK Team Leaders and Supervisors have completed a Management and Leadership development programme and, in doing so, gained the Institute of Leadership & Management Award in ‘Leadership and Management’. Following the Level 3 ILM Award, six of these high achievers went on to gain the Level 3 ILM Certificate.

Gaining their Level 3 ILM Award were Gail Burton, Martin Coates, Minnie Dudden, Phil Gore, Sheryl Hewitt, Marie Irving, Chris Lancey, Steve Pascall, Tina Smith, Nikki Swanson and Dean Taylor, with Gail, Minnie, Martin, Phil, Steve and Dean going on to gain the more in-depth Level 3 ILM Certificate.

The ILM Award and Certificate programmes were developed by QLM Ltd and delivered in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), the UK’s leading provider of leadership and management qualifications. Sharon Wingate of QLM, which has been an ILM centre for almost 10 years, provided the programme for TDK-Lambda, which gave candidates a broad base of knowledge and skills for effective leadership and management.

One of the candidates, who was relatively new to the supervisory role, thought that the ILM course gave a sense of understanding of other supervisors within the company: “We built up a strong support network that links the different departments within our company, making it easier to help each other by sharing experiences.”

“I was able to relate the course content with my own experiences, which helped me with the assignments,” said another candidate. Understanding how to motivate to improve performance and how to lead and motivate a team effectively were particular modules that candidates found useful.

Tim Puttick, Production Manager – Final Assembly said: “Having completed the ILM course myself, I understand the benefits of looking at the working environment from an academic point of view and then using that knowledge to help improve my own abilities. The feedback I have received from those who attended the course was also positive and I’m sure they will continue to use these new skills in their working environment.”

Blaine Hussey, Production Manager – Printed Circuit Board Assembly, also commented: “There are many benefits to supervisors gaining the ILM award; it provides them with extra skills and knowledge that can be used to improve the way they do their jobs on a daily basis. These increased skills benefit the company overall, as well as increasing the confidence and ability of the supervisors.”

Phil Scotcher, General Manager at TDK-Lambda UK is a huge supporter of the ILM programme: “I know that all eleven candidates put a great deal of hard work and effort into the course and have learnt a lot. I have already seen that, because of the support network that they’ve established during the course, relationships in various departments in the company have improved also.”