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Remote Sense – Common Mistakes & Remedies [part 2]

Posted by Dulcie on June 14, 2013
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Why you need to know the adjustment range and OVP set-point

The remote sense function automatically increases the output voltage at the output terminals of the power supply to compensate for any unwanted voltage drop in the output cables with heavy load currents. Likewise, the remote sense function decreases the output voltage of the supply when the required load current is reduced.

In some applications, the power supply’s output needs to be adjusted by the user to a voltage higher than its nominal (e.g. 5V nominal, adjusted to 5.5V).

Always adjust the power supply’s output, while measuring the voltage at the load. In addition, care should be taken to assure that, while under full load, the remote sense function does not push the Vout to a higher voltage as this could possibly trip the OVP set-point and shutdown the supply.

To find out the power supply’s adjustment range and OVP set-point, read the instruction manual.

To read more about how to use the remote sense, please visit: www.emea.lambda.tdk.com/uk/faq

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