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Remote Sense – Common Mistakes & Remedies [part 1]

Posted by Dulcie on June 7, 2013
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Why you need to know the maximum remote sense compensating range

Most remote sensing circuits are capable of compensating for voltage drops across the output cables of between 0.25V and 0.75V. However, to be sure, always check your power supply’s instruction manual to determine its maximum remote sense compensating range.

If the voltage drop across the output cables exceeds the compensating range of the remote sense circuits, the voltage at the load will no longer be regulated. This problem can be remedied easily by either reducing the length of the output cables or increasing the size (heavier wire gauge) of the output cables to reduce the excessive voltage drop.

Remember, voltage drop should always be kept to a minimum and the reason why is simple – a 0.5V voltage drop to a 100A load, translates to 50W lost power in each cable, or a total power wastage of 100W.

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